2016 Special Olympics Winners!

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated in the 2016 Georgia Special Olympics!

Our riders were amazing!

​ETHAN SHRECK: Gold in Equation and Working Trail

​Ava Martorell: Gold in Equation, Bronze in Working Trail

Daniela Matinquez: Gold in Equation and Silver in Working Train

Cole Holden: Ribbon in Equation and Gold in Working Trail

Yadon Moultrie: Ribbon in Equation and Gold in Working Trail

Every rider won at least one gold metal.

Thanks so Lola Merrit of Dunwoody Georgia for catering a wonderful BBQ lunch for the entire volunteer crew and all the families. Renee Brown gets volunteer of the year for providing transportation ​​​to other volunteers from Savannah and for the families of Athletes whose car broke down! She went above and beyond. Four volunteers were able to participate in spite of the hurricane, Sonya Tiegen, Caitlynn Kind, Katheryn Warner and Renee Brown did an exceptional job ​in and out of the arena. We also have to thank Quinton Winborn for all his help! He literally and physically did everything from unloading, to feeding and exercising horses to cooking gumbo for dinner. He is one fine fella!

Job well done everyone and I can’t wait till next year!




Diego Pinasco

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