PRA’s First Vocational Group

School is out for summer so Pegasus is saying goodbye to our first vocational group from Johnson High School. Through the efforts of Coach Aaron Jackson, Johnson High sent five outstanding special students and two teachers to Wicklow Farms for their vocational development program. Caitlyn King volunteered her Tuesday morning and joined Miss Peggi in teaching these students the ropes of working at an Equestrian Center. While teacher Nancy Callager and Specialist Mrs. Blue assisted and supervised, the students learned about horse safety, the various parts of the barn, arena and tack rooms. They learned how to clean tack, clean a paddock and of course how to groom and care for a horse. The timing for cleaning paddocks was perfect as many folks are planting gardens and were happy to get bags of fertilizer fresh from the pasture. The horses truly enjoyed the attention for the student. The students made great progress and learned much! Their work at the farm was admired by all and we look forward to having them back next school year. In celebration of their success we walked up to Johnny Harris and enjoyed lunch together. Each student was also made an honorary member of the Pegasus Riding Team as indicated by their new shirts! NOTE: If you are a business owner and need great workers, consider the high school vocational program.

Diego Pinasco

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